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Eve, the 1st victim of mysogyny

  Eve/ La Malinche by Salas, E. (2021) Eve/ La Malinche by Salas, E. (2021) Every March 8 marks the International Women's Day, a date that, more than a celebration, is an occasion to reflect on the femicides, discrimination and violence faced by women in all areas. What it's "femicide"? It's the murder of a woman for reasons of gender.  Since the beginning of the times, women have been unfairly stroked out as villains through misogynist, speeches/ ideas. And boosted by -some- religions, women have been seen as "an object that needs to be punished".  In modern days, some countries like mine, Mexico, women are still seen not only as inferior, but in several cases, are dehumanized and the consequences of this it's the sad statistics: 10 women are murdered daily in Mexico alone.  But what are the origins of this gender violence and misogyny?  In the pre-Roman era, Egyptians have some of the greatest female monarchs in history, and their religion enhanced
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Betty & Barney Hill's alien abduction

  UFO illustration, scanned (by Salas, S. 2022)  Betty & Barney Hill's alien abduction (1961) it's the 1st case documented and researched by the US government. It would kick off an extensive inquiry by the Project Blue Book, that investigated UFO sightings, leaded by Dr Allen Hynek. Even if in later years he had to contradict his discoveries (as a government's attempt to cover the investigation), he was the first to classify the Close Encounter system, and it's considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of reports and evidence left by the UFO's.  The Interrupted Journey, a 1966 book by the author Jhon G. Fuller was collaborated with Betty & Barney Hill's testimonials, which were taken after separated hypnosis therapies conducted by a psychiatrist (continue...) 'UFO' illustration first sketch on paper, ink pens. (By Salas, S. 2022) It all started with a spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls: on their way back to their home in NH, as t

Embroidery photography and illustrations

  As I question myself what is "to be an artist", my curiosity take my skills into another level to experiment with different media.  All this for the sake to express my emotions or ideas in a new way. Embroidery has been a subject I find exciting and beautiful, and since a few years ago, I've been playing with the possibilities of illustration and embroidery. In more or less successful outcomes, this post is dedicated to my favorite try-outs which I separate in three different categories. Coeur, watercolours, inks & thread on paper by Salas, E. (2020) Embroidery illustrations by Salas, E. These illustrations are a few examples of how by incorporating a few strings and patterns of embroidery as part the illustration, can pop out the main idea or feeling.  Even if it's just to add a bit of colour, or mere experimentation in my sketchbooks, I enjoy the process and the results. Embroidery photography These photos were taken by me in 2008-2009, in my hometown in Mexic

Syncretism of European colonization and Pre-Columbian civilizations

  The second part of my MA's final project is a series of illustrations about the syncretism of Aztec cults/religions and the Christianism brought by Spanish conquers to the Americas in approx. 1512.   The arrival of the Spaniards was a prophecy in the Maya’s cosmology; mistaken as divine beings, their aggressive arrival was not only welcomed by the natives, but also several indigenous peoples like the Totonacs, Otomis and Nahuas made alliance with Hernan Cortes troops to take advances in war against the Empire of the Aztecs.  There were many religions amongst the natives, but all of them have common points such as the worship of the nature, the God Sun, the Mother Earth, and the promised saviour (Quetzalcoatl) who was born from Coatlicue, the Virgin mother of Gods. So, there was no bigger coincidence that the Christians have the same triad, and this is how the acceptance of Christianity was understandable amongst the natives, which the majority were the faithful indigenous in the